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Skies Above, Earth Below: Mapping the Values of the Galloway Forest Dark Sky Park


I am a PhD candidate at the University of Glasgow in the School of Geographical and Earth Sciences. My research explores the values of International Dark Sky Places, designated areas that have pledged to conserve the natural dark of the night sky, by eliminating or reducing artificial light.

Galloway Forest Dark Sky Park in South West Scotland is one such space, awarded with Gold Tier status from the International Dark-Sky Association in 2009. My project will map the life of the Dark Sky Park, its unique approach to dark skies practice, and the various agents involved in shaping its ongoing formation(s).

I am particularly interested in sensory experiences of darkness and light and how encounters with Dark Sky spaces may cultivate a greater sense of global interrelatedness, responsibility, and care. I am also interested in how dark skies research is and might yet be conducted and shared.

My research is supported by the Arts & Humanities Research Council with additional support from Forestry Research Scotland.

You can contact me about my research here.